In today's day and age timing is everything. C. Davis realizes that delivering a top quality project in a time efficient manner is extremely important to all parties involved. To meet these stringent timelines C. Davis has created a pre-fab division. This division not only provides a time effective solution but also a cost effective one as well. With the pre-fab division being located in its own warehouse, the team members use computer aided design to fabricate boxes, cut mc cable to specific sizes, assemble lighting fixtures, packaging and delivering the finished products in a timely manner. Pre- fab delivers a ready to install product, thus creating a much cleaner and safer jobsite. The use of pre-fab products allows workers in the field to perform their duties under a more controlled atmosphere, without the worries of having to assemble products up on a ladder or lift. C. Davis' pre-fab division has made 3 dramatic improvements to the job site: Safety, Quality, and Time