About Us

C. Davis Electric is a family owned business that has been providing excellent services in Florida since 1976. It adds to a long line of success with each project, furthering its legacy under President Charles E. Davis, Jr. to be the most efficient, highest quality electrical contractor. With an annual volume of more than $25 million, the company is capable of bonding any project it has committed to. There are over 175 employees at C. Davis Electric throughout the counties of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach ensuring that no one in Southern Florida has to go without quality electrical contracting.

C. Davis Electric believes that to be considered a top-notch electrical contractor, a company needs to have capabilities above and beyond that of its competitors. It takes knowledge and skill along with capability and dedication to see the job through. These traits will attract clients, and a wide range of services will keep those clients coming back for many years. Through each successful project, a piece is added to the company's legacy until it has developed a long-standing history of success that cannot be rivaled. But a company just doesn't become excellent. Each person at C. Davis Electric maintains a set of principles to ensure the best quality and value for the client. The staff at C. Davis has worked hard to get the company where it is today, and this is exemplified in the company's mission statement:

  • Provide the highest quality and value of product, service and technical support;
  • Honor all commitments and keep an open line of communication to our customers and employees;
  • Dedication to education and providing job safety, growth and security for all employees; and
  • Being a responsible citizen to its communities.

New construction? Renovation? C. Davis provides a variety of services for different project types,allowing it to service a diverse group of clients. One of the most attractive aspects of the company is its ability to provide a turnkey solution for any new construction, renovation, service work on existing systems, fire alarm systems, voice data integrated systems, and 3 Dimensional Cordination Drawings. Some of the projects on that successful list are the Bellini Condos, NSU University Center & the Miami Dolphins Training Camp and many Publix Supermarkets. The list of clients that have refused to go without quality electrical contracting is extensive and includes Moss & Associates, Oak Construction, Miller Construction, and Stiles Construction and many more. These clients knew who to call for knowledge, skill and dedication. Making it all happen are the employees who follow through on the company's mission statement on each and every job. C. Davis has a long history of providing excellent service for a wide range of needs. Going the extra mile is something that the staff of C. Davis is proud to do. In fact, it's something the employees want to do. If it's within their capabilities, they will get it done.